Property Management Services

Protecting your property while getting the results you deserve.


Home Preparation

Before marketing your home, we complete a full assessment of your property and recommend any necessary repairs or improvements that will make your property more appealing to the best tenants.  San Diego has many legal nuances regarding rental property, which we understand, so our assessment also helps ensure your property is compliant with local laws.  Our initial evaluation and recommendations help to get your property rented faster and to maximize your income.

property manager with landlord going over home preparation

Marketing your property

Marketing a property is essential to finding a tenant quickly. We start by producing high-quality ads for your property using professional photography and easy-to-read layouts. We then market your property on all major rental sites and email your ad to our entire database for maximum exposure. Our expansive outreach approach has proven successful in any market.

Facebook target marketing

Prospective tenants typically shop around after viewing a listing online, looking for a better deal. In order to convert them to your property, you need to stay in front of them and get them back to your listing. The best way to do this is by retargeting; that is showing ads to people who have already visited your online listing. Retargeting is simple; we create a Facebook ad for your property that tracks and retargets potential tenants back to you.

faecbook ad
screening report

Tenant screening

We require that every interested prospective tenant submit a rental application. We then order credit and criminal reports from our tenant screening bureau. If the report shows that the prospective tenant meets our qualifications we call and verify their employment and contact their current and past landlords. Once an applicant passes our in-depth screening process, we give you (the homeowner) all of the information so you can make the final decision about who lives in your property.

Lease and Disclosure

We regularly review our leases with local real estate attorneys to stay on top of any changes in rental laws and regulations.  We prepare the lease for your property considering all of your lease terms, including which party is responsible for particular utilities, appliances, landscaping, or other costs.

sample of our lease and disclosure
move-in inspection form

Move-in/Move-out Inspection

On move-in day we complete a move-in inspection form to document the state of your property. We then use this form during the final walkthrough to determine if a tenant damaged your property beyond normal wear and tear.

Video documentation

Before a tenant moves in we go through and film the property condition and we do this again when the tenant moves out.  We do this to show you (the homeowner) that we are maintaining your investment and it helps expedite the resolution of any deposit complaints from tenants.

Video clip showing how our video documentation process.
Screenshot showing tenant portal page where rent & deposit can paid

Rent & Deposit Collection

We require new tenants to pay the security deposit and first month’s rent in certified funds when they sign the lease. Rent is due on the 1st day of each month, but we allow a 5-day grace period, as required by law. If rent is not received after the 5th day, we charge the tenant a 6% late fee. Late rent is reported to the rental bureau which effects the tenant’s credit.

Tenants have the convenience of paying their rent securely online. All payments are automatically entered into our management software, which is completely integrated with the accounting records for your property.

Monthly Statements & Accounting

Every month we email you an easy to read monthly statement detailing rent collected and any charges associated with your property.  Often many landlords don’t know how well their property is performing so each month Patrize Properties also provides you with a Cash Flow statement that calculates your monthly and yearly net returns. Having these numbers allows you to make informed decisions about whether to hold, sell, refinance, or do a 1031 exchange.

Monthly owner statement showing all income and expenses.
Landlord tools to help maintain and repair rental property.

Maintenance & Repairs

Keeping your investment maintained is key to keeping your investment’s value up. We work with a large group of reputable vendors allowing us to quickly and effectively handle any maintenance issues that come up. Unlike some other property management companies, we do not add a “surcharge” or “handling fee” to invoices – you pay only the amount stated on the invoice.

We use experienced and reasonably priced tradespeople to make repairs to your property when necessary. We provide tenants a 24-hour emergency phone number so problems can be reported and handled quickly and efficiently. If there is any work done on your property the work orders are included with your monthly statement.

Tenant Management

We build relationships with the tenants in the properties we manage so they feel comfortable contacting us if they need to. Having tenant trust maximizes your property’s full potential and helps avoid damage to your property. We contact tenants twice a year to find out how the electrical, plumbing, and appliances are working, as well as anything else that could affect the value of your property. Regular communication with tenants, in addition to regular inspections, are essential to maintaining your property and its value.

manager shaking tenants hand
notice document example

Notices & Deliquesces

If necessary, we will serve a tenant a three-day notice to “pay or quit” at no charge to you, the owner. Should an Unlawful Detainer action become necessary, we represent you, the owner, in court at no additional charge.

Eviction Management

If an eviction becomes necessary, we manage the process from beginning to end.  We handle all notice postings to ensure your tenants receive proper notification of legal action.  Once the judge orders it, we arrange to physically remove the tenant, if required,  and change the locks on your property.  We also conduct a detailed damage inspection and create a report for insurance filings and additional legal action, if necessary.

Person screening tenant
person completing an annual inspection by writing on clipboard

Annual Inspections

We conduct annual inspections of your property to ensure there are no unreported maintenance issues and that all appliances and smoke detectors are in good working order.

Owner Portal

We understand how important it is to be able to keep tabs on your property’s performance and finances. Our Owner Portal provides you instant online access to shared documents, work orders, inspection reports, 1099s, and historical financial statements relating to your property.

web page showing owner portal
Screenshot showing a bill has been paid

Bill Pay

We offer Bill Pay services to those landlords who do not want to worry about their rental property bills each month.  We can pay any bill associated with your property including mortgages, HOA fees, and taxes.  We ensure all of your property’s bills are paid on time and keep a record of all payments on your owner portal.

Direct deposit into your account

We use online ACH (electronic payments) to securely deposit your payments into your bank account each month so you receive your money faster.

Screenshot showing a completed direct deposit submission
person look at web based application


We use cutting-edge, web-based property management software that allows us access to your property data from anywhere, at any time. We store this sensitive information in data centers with the same security levels used and trusted by major banking institutions to ensure your information is always safe and protected.