Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor for Patrize Properties. We are always looking for quality vendors to partner with to help us to better serve the properties we manage. If you are interested in becoming a preferred vendor for Patrize Properties, you must comply with our requirements.

Vendor Requirements

Workers Comp

$500,000 minimum coverage if you have employees.

Liability Insurance

Minimum $1,000,000 coverage, no exceptions.


 Only necessary if your trade or field of service requires such.

W-9 Form

As required by the IRS for tax reporting purposes.

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Vendors are to notify Manager immediately if they are unable to offer an estimate and complete the work in a timely manner. Estimates are due to Manager within 5 business days.

When Manager receives the approval or a denial from the owner, Manager will notify the vendor as to when to begin work on the property or cancel the work order.

Vendors must submit their invoices within 30 days of completion of work and no later than 25th of each month.

Vendors understand that Manager makes payments on a 30-day cycle and does not reimburse vendors immediately.

Vendors are to keep all information regarding Manager, property owners, tenants, and any other property information confidential at ALL times.

Vendors are not to post ANY information or pictures on any social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or any other media at any time.

Vendors will supply competent work and the vendor guarantees they will redo the work to the satisfaction of Manager if necessary.

The work is supplied on a “contract labor” basis and vendors understand that vendors are NOT employees of Manager and that Manager does not consider or treat any vendor as an employee.

Vendor will not start work without first receiving an accepted Description of Work, emailed or texted by Manager. Vendor must have a Description of Work for any and all work that is done at a Property and for any additional item of work requested.

Vendors are to notify Manager immediately if the problem they are hired to fix exceeds the authorized amount on the work order.

For maintenance requests, Vendors procure and pay for the required parts and are reimbursed by Manager once Vendor submits an invoice for the completed work.

Vendor understands that Manager cannot disburse any funds until funds are received from the owner. Additionally, all work orders must include before and after photos submitted with the invoice. No photos = No payment.

Vendors are to be courteous and professional with tenants.

Vendors are to be dressed appropriately for work when meeting with tenants.

Vendors are to clean up their work area on the property.

Vendors are NOT to make comments on repairs or the condition of the property to tenants.

Vendors are NOT to discuss in detail any repairs with tenants.

Vendors are NOT to make promises to tenants unless it is the work order request.

Vendors are to call Manager from the property if necessary to clarify the work or request permission to do additional maintenance they think might be required relating to the work order.

Manager requests vendors use their cellular phones when calling from a tenant residence. However, if necessary, the vendor is to request permission before using the tenant’s telephone.

If tenants request other work, the vendor is to instruct them to call Manager and place a work order.

If tenants pose a threat, vendors are to immediately leave the property and notify Manager.