Frequently Asked Questions

Why Patrize Properties?

We manage single-family homes, condos, and multifamily homes.
Absolutely! Our real estate broker license is CA BRE #01869966.
We currently manage properties in Encinitas, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Escondido, Solana Beach, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, San Marcos, Carmel Valley, UTC, Clairemont, La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Mission Valley, Linda Vista, Mission Hills, Bankers Hills, Little Italy, and Downtown.

General Questions

In order for us to begin the process of managing your property we need the following:

  1. Signed property management agreement
  2. IRS form W9
  3. Certificate of insurance, with Patrize Properties as an additional insured
  4. Two copies of all Keys, garage remotes, and fobs if applicable.
Reduce Vacancy Time

Once a tenant submits their 30-day notice we begin showing your property to find a replacement tenant to move in as soon as possible after the current tenant moves out. The average vacancy period is only seven days which significantly reduces vacancies and maximizes your return.

Reduce Maintenance Cost

We work with a network of vendors and handymen that provide us a discounted rate which we pass along to you. The relationships we have with our vendors allows us to ensure that repairs are done quickly and properly so the tenant can continue enjoying your property.

We will provide you with the very best management solutions by increasing your returns, making every effort to earn your trust through complete transparency and guarantee legal compliance without you having to worry about your San Diego property. Our experience gives us expertise in local rent structures, lease agreements, maintenance needs, insurance requirements, and landlord-tenant law.

Our agreement is for one year and becomes goes month-to-month thereafter.

We receive this question often so we decided to dedicate a page going over the answer.

Adding Property Manager to Landlord’s Liability Insurance

Pricing & Accounting

Our management fee is very competitive, we are generally less expensive than most other companies. We charge a flat fee of 8% of collected rents and do not charge any other management fees.

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Our management fee is deducted from your monthly owner distribution.

Absolutely! We can easily pay HOA dues, taxes, and all miscellaneous bills. The amount of your mortgage per month will determine if we are capable of paying all your bills at once. Give us a call to discuss.

One month’s rent for qualified applicants.

Security deposits may increase depending on the applicant’s credit or if they have a pet.

Our management agreement states the funds will be distributed on the 10th each month. However, funds are typically distributed by the 5th. We have a five-day buffer in case the first lands on a holiday or the tenant does not pay rent until the 5th.
Financial statements are sent monthly and organized so your accountant can clearly see the performance of your investment, providing the best chance of receiving the maximum tax benefits allowed.

Statements can also be accessed through the owner portal.

We use multiple sources to review comparable rentals, market rate, and apply our deep local knowledge.

We understand the importance of receiving the highest rent possible, so we will do everything in our power to make that happen.

The security deposit is forwarded to the owner once the tenant moves in. However, Patrize Properties will hold the security deposit if requested by the owner.

Yes, we require a $250 reserve to be held in our broker trust account for repairs.

Maintenance and Repairs

Yes! Once our management agreement is signed we will complete a full assessment of your property and recommend any necessary repairs or improvements that will make your property more appealing to the best tenants. When it comes to rental property, San Diego has many legal nuances, which we understand. Our initial assessment and recommendations are to help your property get rented faster and maximize your income.
Maintenance requests are submitted by tenants through our tenant portal. When we receive a request we then determine which of our vendors to use based on the type of maintenance required and the urgency of the request. We work with a network of vendors and handymen that provide us with a discounted rate which is passed along to you.

Our management agreement allows us to make any repair up to $300. Any amount over $300 requires an owner’s approval to initiate the work. When owner authorization is needed Patrize Properties will provide you with the estimate(s) and our recommendation for the repair.

Inspections are completed at move-in with the tenant is present, two weeks before the tenant vacates to determine what repairs are needed, and again when the tenant is fully out.

Additional inspections are completed when a work order is being performed to ensure the damage requiring repair was not caused by the tenant.

If you would like to use your own vendor, have them contact us. They are required to complete a W-9, have the appropriate licenses, and carry general liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. We cannot promise that your vendor will be used on all service calls to your home as it is our duty to resolve repairs in the most efficient way possible without any delays.

Yes, if the property is vacant and the repairs are completed within 3 days. Once occupied, we highly recommend using our vendors to ensure the work is completed within 24-48 hours and because we recommend owners not introduce themselves to their tenants as this can create confusion.

We recommend owners pay for a gardener and roll the cost into the lease price. Hiring a gardener guarantees the landscaping will be maintained.
Absolutely. Pool equipment is expensive and should not be maintained by the tenant.

Rental Services

We screen all prospective tenants with credit and criminal history checks, employment verifications, rental bureau check and both past and present landlord verifications. After we complete our in-depth screening process we then allow you, the owner, to make the final decision about who to accept as a tenant.

Locating a new tenant usually takes 3 weeks or less depending on a few factors: the location, time of year, and the price. Two weeks is our “sweet spot” to find a tenant so if we have little to no activity within that period it usually means the price is too high.

Marketing a property is essential to finding a tenant quickly. We start by producing high-quality ads for your property using professional photography and easy-to-read layouts. We then market your property on 99% of all rental sites, create targeted ads on Facebook, and email your ad to our entire database for maximum exposure. Our expansive outreach approach has proven successful in any market.

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All prospective tenants will be accompanied by an agent at all times.

We begin showing the property as soon as the tenants submit a 30-day notice to vacate to limit the vacancy time in between tenants.

Tenant & Leases

Yes, however we can only provide you limited details in order to protect you from violating fair housing laws. California has strict guidelines that can easily be broken without even knowing it.

The tenant will be charged a 6% late fee if rent is not received by the 5th (by law). Thereafter a three-day notice to pay or quit will be served to the tenant at no additional charge to the owner.
Yes, but it is not in the tenant’s financial interest to do so. The lease agreement covers the repercussions of breaking the lease in detail so the tenant is informed from the beginning.

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We generally do one-year lease terms, however the time of the year can change that. For example, if the property is rented in December, a 12-month lease would end the following December. If the tenants do not then renew the lease, the property owner is looking at filling a vacancy in the worst possible month. Because the time of year affects the pool of tenants so drastically we suggest ensuring that a lease term expires any month other than November, December, or January and we adjust the lease term accordingly.
There are a couple ways we monitor the property condition during a tenancy. When repairs are needed we use the opportunity to check for lease violations or other maintenance issues. If no maintenance requests are submitted by the tenant for an extended period of time, your property manager will schedule a Safety Inspection. During the Safety Inspection, your property manager tours the inside of the property testing smoke and CO detectors, checking the furnace filter, and checking for unreported plumbing leaks. Any lease violations identified during the Safety Inspection are immediately addressed with the tenant.
Our dedicated team of property management professionals is exceptionally skilled at balancing the art of meeting residents’ expectations while fiercely representing the owners to ensure superior management of their investments. When a tenant contacts us with an issue we respond immediately to address their concern.