Staging your property can have a major effect when selling. Take the time and do it right by following these steps prior to going active on the MLS.

Once you list, it’s game on

Never list your property until you are absolutely ready to sell!

If preparing your home by cleaning, fixing minor maintenance issues, and perhaps even staging your home are not priorities, you may not be as successful on selling your home. Devoting your time and attention to the necessary detail is absolutely crucial.

Listing your home without proper preparation could end up costing you more time in the long run and potentially result in profit loss, if the property isn’t showing well in the very beginning. Letting your property sit on the market is less than ideal, since every day on the market tends to lead to a more drawn out selling process.

It is important to understand this simple rule: The longer the property sits on the market, the less likely you will be able to get your asking price. Researching the median days on market for your zip code will help you have a better understanding of what to expect.

Find off-site storage

The saying “less is more” can easily be applied when selling your home.

It is best to get a fresh set of eyes to look around your place to see what can be placed in storage. The best person to ask is your real estate agent since he or she has a better eye from working with buyers in the past, and understands what they look for. All your personal items must be put out of sight. No piles of clothes, no dishes in the sink, and no walls full of personal pictures. The biggest area agents see needing the most attention is the closet. If you are not going to wear it in the next 4-6 months, place it in the storage unit. This even goes for toiletries, your coffee maker, juicer and animal toys. This is major part of showing your property to it’s fullest potential.

Buyers want to feel like they are walking into their future home, not like if they are wandering through someone’s personal items. So by making your home as “neutral” and free of clutter as possible, you will allow buyers to picture themselves in the space. By removing the clutter and unnecessary items from your property, you can create a space that is apparent the buyer’s eye. So get rid of unused furniture, holiday decorations and excessive pictures. It’s time to light up your home and get a fresh, clean look.

Remove or re-stage your furniture

Be prepared to remove your worn furniture to the storage unit you rented. The biggest items that are most noticeable are couches, tables, nightstands and entertainment stands. When you switch your worn furniture, you will be amazed how the space looks brighter and a little larger.

If you are uncertain or do not have the time to take on this task, there are many home staging companies that can make it happen. Depending on whether you need to remove all your furniture or just a few items, the home stagger can assist you on every step of the way.

The price range depends on how much furniture you borrow and what designer you hire. At Patrize Properties we call around to price match each company and make sure to ask their availability. During the busy summer months, home staging companies can be booked as long as three weeks out.

During this important time, it is a good idea to not have any large dinner parties or celebrations. The whole point of this is to slowly move things out, which helps make your property look fresh and new for potential buyers.
If you have any questions regarding home staging or de-cluttering your home to make it shine, please don’t hesitate to call Patrize Properties. We have helped many homeowners brighten up their home to maximize profits.

At Patrize Properties we have many options when it comes to selling your property. Give us a call to discuss more.

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