Selling your home can be stressful, even if it’s your first time. As experienced Realtors, We have learned that you can actually make it easier on yourself by avoiding these 10 selling mistakes.

1: Not hiring a professional photographer

Pictures are the first thing buyers look when they’re shopping for a home. Having high-quality photos when showing your home can significantly increase the number of viewers since the image is more appealing compared to a standard, phone photo. A professional photographer will help display all details and quality of the home to attract more buyers.

2: Overpricing your home

A good realtor will know the local market and home values, and base the listing price of your home around that. If your home is overpriced, less realtors and homebuyers are likely to view your home. It will take longer to sell and you will eventually need to drop the price. This will eventually lead to a loss of time and money by letting your home sit on the market for too long. Don’t discourage buyers by overpricing your home.

3: Odor, Cleanliness & Clutter

A buyer will immediately become uninterested in your home if it smells like old food or dirty shoes when they walk in. Avoid this by leaving out scented candles or flowers around the house. Too much scent can also be overkill. Dirty dishes, cobwebs, and pet stains are other red flags you should be aware of before showing your property. Uncluttering is a must! You’re moving anyway, so start organizing now. Donate or throw away any unwanted items.

4: Letting emotions take over

Depending on the amount of time you’ve spent in your home, perhaps you’ve raised a family, you are likely to have emotional attachments to the home you are about to sell. Letting your emotions get in the way during the selling process will only cause more stress, not just for you, but for everyone else involved as well.

5: Not having a marketing plan

Marketing is the most important factor for getting your home sold. It is the voice for your home and the goal is to get the word out to as many potential buyers as possible. In this day in age, a marketing plan means more than putting a sign in the front yard. Your agent should be able to present you with the endless marketing options available today.

6: Not having your home available to show

Homes that can’t be shown don’t get sold. It can be somewhat inconvenient or uncomfortable to have to leave your home while strangers walking through, but this increases the chances of it being sold. Seeing and touching the home allows the buyers to picture themselves living there without the distractions of the current homeowner.

7: Choosing the wrong REALTOR

Before selecting your realtor, it is extremely beneficial to do a little research instead of choosing the first realtor you know. Choosing someone that has local sales expertise will be much more valuable to you during the selling process. In addition, going with an agent with the lowest commission rate could also mean cutting marketing costs. Know what you’re getting before making a final decision.

8: Withholding information from buyers

Withholding information from buyers can cost you in the long run. As a seller, you are contracted to inform the prospective buyer of any related information in regards to the home, during the inspection period. Failing to do so could result in legal action, which is just not worth it.

9: Selling your home before it’s in ready condition

Beat the competition by improving the condition of your home. Consider making some minor, low cost repairs before it goes on the market. Simple things like replacing the carpet and paint touch-ups are key selling points and will improve the aesthetics of the home.

10: Not talking with your tax professional

It’s a good idea to talk with your tax professional before making the decision to sell your home.

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